Netizens Praise Soyou For Her Image Transformation

Netizens were shocked at how beautiful she looked!

Soyou recently appeared at a press conference for tvN’s Road to Ithaca and surprised netizens with a completely new look.

The press conference took place on July 11 at Stanford Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul.


On this day, Soyou wore a feminine pink flower-patterned dress that made her look like a fairy goddess.


With long, wavy hair and a natural makeup look, netizens were shocked at how beautiful she looked!


In the past, Soyou was more well-known for her sexy image.


Her body was also the perfect example of women’s “wannabe body” that looked both healthy and sexy.



Her new look, however, has given her a complete makeover, making her look extremely feminine and lovely.


Surprised at how gorgeous she looked, some netizens even accused her of getting plastic surgery.

  • “That’s Soyou?”
  • “Kind of looks like Jang Geun Suk’s nose.”
  • “Her eyes became vaguely different.”
  • “Don’t do any more plastic surgery. It looks nice and perfect now.”
  • “I wonder where she got the plastic surgery.”
  • “Looks like she did something to her eyes…”


But netizens, in general, seemed to agree that the new look was a complete upgrade!

  • “I think this is a pretty successful upgrade. Am I wrong?”
  • “Upgrade complete.”
  • “She’s pretty.”
  • “She looks much nicer!”
  • “Doesn’t look like she did anything, but she got so much prettier!”
  • “She looks so much better with the different eyebrow shape. She looks really pure!”
  • “She looks really kind. Beautiful!”


Moreover, many Korean netizens commented on how much she resembled the actress, Yoo In Na.

  • “I thought that was Yoo In Na for a second.”
  • “Is it a transformation to Yoo In Na? Nonetheless, it’s a success!”
  • “I thought it was Yoo In Na…”
  • “I clicked because I thought it was Yoo In Na. Wow.”
  • “I totally thought the thumbnail was Yoo In Na.”


Meanwhile, Road to Ithaca will star Yoon Do Hyun, Ha Hyun Woo, FTISLAND’s Honggi, Soyou and Kim Jun Hyun, who will be traveling from Turkey to Ithaca, Greece with the money earned solely from the number of views they receive on their SNS accounts.

Source: Dispatch and Naver