Netizens Are Shook To Discover Pre-Debut Video Of P1Harmony’s Keeho

They were not expected to see him…

Netizens are discovering an old video of P1Harmony‘s leader Keeho pre-debut.

Keeho | FNC Entertainment

TikTok user @mariamfahal shared that their little sister is interested in attending Unionville High School in Ontario, Canada. It’s well known for its enriched arts program.

I was just chilling here with my little sister. You know, she said she wanted to audition for this art school called Unionville. Right?

— @mariamfahal/TikTok


Mariamfahal reminded viewers that Keeho was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His name is actually Stephen Yoon.

He was born in Canada. He grew up in Toronto or whatever.

— @mariamfahal/TikTok

Still, they were shocked to see Keeho in a video posted by Unionville High School. It was a collaboration between its Arts Unionville Chamber Choir and the Unionville Home Society in September 2016. This was shortly before Keeho moved to Korea and joined FNC Entertainment in 2017!

So, I’m watching this video that I come across on YouTube. It’s just like a video of like the choir at Unionville singing a song together. Tell me what… Who is this?!

— @mariamfahal/TikTok

While Keeho was five years younger than he is today, he was still extremely recognizable! Unfortunately, he only has a brief close-up in the video, though.

What are you doing there, Stephen?! What? Oh my God. I literally scream. I jump when I saw him. I could recognize that smile anywhere. Keeho, what are you doing?! Oh my God. Oh my God. Wow.

— @mariamfahal/TikTok


Im still screaming… #p1harmony #keeho

♬ original sound – mariamfahal

The video above has gone viral with 26.2K views and nearly 8K likes at the time of writing. The clip has been reposted to Twitter and went viral with 22.8K views and 2.9K likes at the time of writing.

Netizens can’t get over pre-debut Keeho (or should we say Stephen?). He’s just too cute!

| @mariamfahal/TikTok
| @mariamfahal/TikTok

The original video on YouTube only has about 2K views and four comments at the time of writing. As expected, the few comments were only just made and mostly about Keeho.


Keeho was clearly always very handsome and talented!


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