Netizens Prove Female Idols Look Pretty From Every Angle

Female idols are more than just a pretty face… they pull off an effortless profile, too.

Although it could be said that all Korean actresses and K-Pop idols are pretty, Koreans are proving the point by compiling clips of celebrities side-on – and netizens can’t believe just how effortlessly beautiful the girls are.

TWICE‘s Sana.


The gifs are of celebrities like Red Velvet‘s Irene in action – in a photo shoot, acting in a scene or reacting on a variety show, but the idols are in their natural states and are not posing.


Side angle clips of singers like Suzy


Cosmic Girls‘s Bona


Lovelyz‘s Jisoo


TWICE’s Tzuyu


And Jeongyeon all prove that no matter what angle these women are seen from, they are stunning!


Actresses like Bride of the Water God’s Shin Se Kyung and Goblin‘s Kim Go Eun were also praised for their effortless profiles.


Netizens are amazed at how perfect they all seem.

  • “They really are all pretty.”
  • “They’re all pretty, I’m jealous!”
  • “I love their side views… So many pretty people.”
  • “I’m most jealous of people who have good side profiles.”
  • “Wow, so that’s why they’re celebrities.”
  • “They have really straight noses.”


Female idols really do have that something extra!

Source: INSTIZ