Netizens Question The Authenticity Of Photos Of TEMPEST’s Eunchan That Recently Went Viral Due To His Proportions

“They yaoified his proportions.”

Recently, TEMPEST‘s Eunchan gained a lot of attention online as netizens reacted to his impressive height and proportions seen in airport photos.

Eunchan (TEMPEST)

Standing at 187cm (or about 6’1″), the rookie idol is among the tallest idols in the industry, and fans can’t help but swoon over his tall build. It’s easy to see just how well-proportioned he is in pretty much any full-body picture!

However, the photos taken at the airport recently seem to have been edited, and quite drastically at that.

Upon first glance, especially if you don’t see the entire photos right away, the pictures appear somewhat normal and are just showing how crazy tall Eunchan is. But if you look a little longer, Eunchan’s appearance seems to get more uncanny as you notice just how small his head and hands appear.

Small heads are a frequently discussed aspect of the Korean beauty standard that so many people strive for, and it’s not uncommon for netizens to photoshop themselves to make their head appear smaller.

Korean influencer who went viral for extreme photo editing | @shasha_soosoo_/Instagram

But sometimes this can be taken to extreme levels, and that seems to be the case with these particular pictures of Eunchan.

On a public forum post about the pictures, netizens are criticizing the fansite that took and allegedly edited the photos, even comparing Eunchan’s appearance to manhwa (Korean comics) character proportions.

An example of extreme manhwa character proportions

Eunchan already has such an incredible physique, he definitely doesn’t need any editing!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa