Netizens Rally In Support Of NCT After Alleged Album Leak

This was not the only mishap, according to fans.

SM Entertainment is facing outcry from fans over the alleged leaking of NCT’s entire 2021 album, Universe, which was leaked on the music streaming service JOOX. The album was due to be released on December 14.

Fans on Twitter immediately banded together and called on the company to fix the issue when the album was leaked.

The album was eventually removed from the platform, but not before many people had streamed it in its entirety.

As a result, fans have been accusing the company of negligence, particularly since there have reportedly been other mishaps leading up to the release of Universe.

Fans all over the world also feel as if the situation is unfair, since the members of NCT have all worked so hard for this comeback. Reportedly, Haechan left a comment on Bubble asking fans to please not listen to the leaked album, so fans organized themselves to report those who shared the leaked songs.

Hopefully the release of Universe on December 14 is not much affected by this situation. In the meantime, fans can continue to support the group as they gear up for their comeback with a full schedule for this month.

Source: Meaww