Netizens Are Raving About Jeon So Min’s Sexy Transformation In Trailer For Upcoming Drama

“Sexy must be her sixth sense.”

Jeon So Min decided to remind K-Drama fans, beneath the jokes and goofiness, that she is a beautiful actress first and foremost.

Jeon So Min | jsomin86/Instagram

On May 4, the upcoming JTBC drama Cleaning Up released its first teaser.

“Cleaning Up” poster | JTBC

In the teaser, the main characters, played by Yum Jung Ah, Kim Jae Hwa, and Jeon So Min, are seen dressed in spy attire.

Jeon So Min is particularly striking.

Jeon So Min | JTBC
Jeon So Min | JTBC

The actress who is best known to fans for her funny, down-to-earth personality on hit variety shows Running Man and Sixth Sense



Is seen dressed in black with a slick ponytail and sexy red lipstick.

Netizens are loving the actress’s transformation, as evident in the comment section.

“Wow Jeon So Min is so cool” | 
“So many great actors, and So Min who has so many charms~ Let’s go!”


The drama is about three janitors who work at a financial company who accidentally overhears insider information and strike it rich.

The drama premieres on June 4. Will you be watching? Check the teaser below to see a different side of the actress.


Source: Wikitree