Netizens reach so far they spot Sulli’s 3rd nipple in her armpit

Netizens have begun reaching so far in attempts to criticize Sulli that they’ve found a 3rd nipple located near her armpit. 

Sulli has quickly become the Queen Troll of Korea, sharing photos that seem to just drive Netizens absolutely wild. From the atrocious act of having fun in a swimming pool while on vacation with her boyfriend to taking sexy photos, netizens have been mad.

Now, they’re accusing her of sharing a photo of her in overalls with what they say is a nipslip in full display. The problem? It’s near her armpit and there’s literally no possible way it could be her nipple. Unless.. Sulli has a 3rd nipple that she’s been hiding.

Can’t see the nipslip that has Netizens in a rage? Well, you’ll have to zoom in at least 10x (look on the right side in the little slot between the overalls and her hair) to be able to even remotely understand what they’re talking about.

Comments have begun piling up stating how ridiculous and baseless the original comments are. It would be physically impossible for her breasts to be located where they say the slip occurred, unless her breasts were seriously misaligned.

Unless.. these aren’t her knees.