Netizens React To 70-Minute Argument Between Two Characters On “Love Ft. Marriage And Divorce 2”

“What a rollercoaster of emotions!”

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K-Drama Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce managed to earn an impressive 12.5% rating despite its latest episode showing 70 minutes of an argument between a married couple.

In the episode, Sa Pi Young (played by Park Joo Mi) and her husband Shin Yoo Shin (played by Lee Tae Gon) sit across from each other in their living room and argue about whether or not they will get a divorce.

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Sa Pi Young recently discovered that Shin Yoo Shin was cheating on her after she saw him hugging his mistress in the hospital while visiting her hospitalized mother.

Pi Young went into shock after discovering her devoted husband was cheating on her and was unable to speak for days.

In the latest episode of this K-Drama, Yoo Shin tries to convince Pi Young to stay married to him. He says the affair is the only mistake he’s ever made during their marriage and asks Pi Young to stay with him for the good of their daughter.

Pi Young says she cannot stay married to Yoo Shin because the trust between them is shattered.

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Although the episode focused solely on a tense argument between the married couple, netizens couldn’t tear themselves away from their TV screens!

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Some viewers guessed that the screenwriter was trying to show just how exhausting and frustrating the divorce process can be.

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Fans of this K-Drama have been waiting for Pi Young to finally catch Yoo Shin cheating since its first season, and some were worried that Pi Young would fall for his excuses during their argument.

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While nobody knows exactly what’ll happen between Pi Young and Yoo Shin, we do know we’ll be tuning in to find out what happens next!

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