Netizens React To Actress Kim Ji Eun and Monsta X Hyungwon’s Inkigayo Debut

“Wow, but their visuals are crazy.”

Actress Kim Ji Eun and Monsta X‘s Hyungwon made their debut as SBS Inkigayo‘s newest MCs.

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On the April 9 episode of SBS’s much show, actress Kim Ji Eun and Monsta X’s Hyungwon made their inaugural appearance on the show. The duo commemorated their first appearance together by performing IU’s “Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms.”

After finishing her performance, the actress posed for the camera during her “ending pose,” showing off her idol-like visuals. The actress then confessed how nervous she was to be making her host debut.

I am Kim Ji Eun, the new MC for Inkigayo. I simulated (this moment) a lot in my head, but standing here, I am so nervous.

— Kim Ji Eun

Hyungwon also stated how excited he was despite appearing on the show before as a singer.

I’m feeling a different sense of excitement from what I felt standing here as a singer.

— Hyungwon

Netizens reacted to the new duo, with many expressing their approval. Many netizens also mentioned how they remembered Kim Ji Eun from 2022’s hit K-Drama, One Dollar Lawyer.

  • “Isn’t she the actress from Namkoong Min’s drama? She’s so pretty.”
  • “Probationer Baek (Kim Ji Eun’s nickname in One Dollar Lawyer) Wow, that’s crazy, LOL. I didn’t know, LOL. She’s so pretty, LOL.”
  • “Probationer Baek is so refreshing, LOL. She’s still a bit awkward, but her visuals are great.”
  • “She’s pretty AF.”
  • “Both MCs were great and seemed to have good chemistry! Their visuals were also crazy.”
  • “I liked her in One Dollar Lawyer because her acting was so good, and she was so pretty! Wow!”
  • “Wow, but their visuals are crazy.”
  • “I thought she was ITZY’s Ryujin.”
  • “She really resembles Ryujin, LOL.”

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