Netizens React To aespa Karina’s “Shocking” Look At The 2023 Cannes Film Festival

“I’m shocked AF…”

Aespa‘s Karina dazzled at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and had netizens feeling all types of way!

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On May 25, a post titled “Real-time Look At Karina’s Crazy Cannes Red Carpet” went viral. The author of the post, which has been viewed over 110K as of this writing, uploaded video clips and pictures of Karina completely slaying on the festival’s red carpet.

The actress wore an elegant black dress that revealed the idol’s neckline and complimented her outfit with her signature jet-black hair.


The actress adorned incredible jewelry from Chopard, but it was the star’s incredible visuals that shined brightest.

Netizens reacted to the idol’s stunning visuals and praised her as one of K-Pop’s undeniable top visuals.

  • “She’s basically Black Swan. Karina is a goddess.”
  • “Seriously, she’s pretty AF. In my eye, she’s the most beautiful (celebrity) in our country.”
  • “Karina is a goddess.”
  • “I mean, wow… Seriously, all I can say is wow… She’s elegant and beautiful.”
  • “Her vibe is crazy.”
  • “Black and red γ…œγ…œ She looks so good. Seeing her with black hair, I realized that her blonde hair made her seem more innocent, LOL. Karina is so pretty.”
  • “Every time I see her facial structure, I get jealous. Also, I think her blonde hair is pretty, but she really looks good with black hair.”
  • “That’s crazy. Karina looks best with black hair.”
  • “Crazy, she’s pretty AF.”
  • “Wow, this is really crazy.”
  • “I’m shocked AF. Seriously, how does she look like this?”

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Source: theqoo
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