Netizens React To aespa’s Shocking First Week Sales For “MY WORLD”

The numbers are in…

Netizens reacted to aespa‘s first sales number for their recently released MY WORLD mini-album.

aespa | SM Entertainment

On May 15, it was reported that aespa’s MY WORLD, which was released on May 8, sold a whopping 1.69 million albums in its first week.

| SM Entertainment

The numbers make the mini-album the best-selling album in its first week in SM Entertainment’s history and the best-selling girl group album in its first week in K-Pop history, breaking the previous record which was also held by aespa.

The album also broke aespa’s pre-release album sales and is now the highest-selling album on its first day, selling 1.37 million albums on release day.

Netizens congratulated aespa on its record-shattering album sales and expressed anticipation for the girl group’s upcoming full-length album.

  • “Congratulations on being first among all girl groups!”
  • “This album is truly great ㅠㅠ. Even the album cuts are seriously great.”
  • “If their mini-album sold this many, I am anticipating the numbers for their full-length album.”
  • “Aespa is the best.”
  • “It’s pretty impressive AF. They broke the record previously with Girls. I guess aespa did what aespa does. So cool.”
  • “You guys were saying they flopped when they were 3rd on Melon’s top 100, LOL. You guys were cursing them as a group that flopped. What are you guys going to do now? LOL.”
  • “If this was their full-length album, they would have sold 2 million albums easily.”

Meanwhile, check out aespa’s record-breaking song, “Spicy,” from their album in the link below!

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