Netizens react to B.A.P filing lawsuit against TS Entertainment

Earlier today, we reported that B.A.P revealed in a statement that TS Entertainment had earned over $9 million USD in a three year span, while the members only received $16,000 USD. The report of the earnings came shortly after media outlets broke news that B.A.P would be filing a lawsuit for contract nullification, as a whole group, with all members involved.

Shortly afterwards, TS Entertainment began trending worldwide on Twitter, and then the agency spoke up for the first time since the lawsuit hit media, claiming they were confirming details and would respond with more details shortly.

Netizens have taken online to react to the issue, sharing their thoughts and opinions. Check it out below!

Article: [Exclusive] B.A.P Members All Sue Company for “Slave Contract”

Source: XSports News

1. [+5822, -87] It seems that entertainment companies are having problems nowadays

2. [+4661, -243] What is this? Does this area just sue for fun?

3. [+4591, -472] These kids’ singing ability is really good. It’s such a shame.

Article: B.A.P Sues Company TS Entertainment, No Problems with Member’s Relationship with Each Other

Source: Josun Ilbo

1. [+96 , -0] We can all see how the members are busy taking of each other. I’m sure the company worked hard to prevent the news from getting out. What do you mean that you ‘just found out’ through this the news articles? Was so dumbfounded while reading this.

2. [+86 , -0] It’s going to be fine.. Have strength B.A.P!

3. [+74 , -1] Why are all the companies like this now a days. I hope they realize that there is no company if they don’t have their singers.

Article: B.A.P Sues Company for Nullification Of Contract; Company Says “After Verification, Will Officially Release Statement”

Source: Sports Donga

1.[+16 , -0]B.A.P fans, please be strong. A slave contract, what is this. There’s no response, something smells fishy. Why did they sue now, should have done sooner. B.A.P please don’t break up.

2.[+15 , -2]I hope that they can find a good company like BlockB..!

3.[+12 , -0]There has been a lot of rumors even from long ago about the bad treatment, and now it ends up with a lawsuit. I hope that the results are good and that they can safely do their promotions..