Netizens Clap Back At BoA For Her Response To “Street Man Fighter” Criticism

Fans of the show criticized BoA’s response.

Netizens are criticizing BoA‘s response to criticism over her judge’s decision in the most recent episode of Mnet‘s Street Man Fighter.

BoA | Mnet

Earlier, BoA clapped back at the massive criticism she had been receiving for her decision to forfeit her judge’s vote during a round in the elimination battle between dance crews Prime Kingz and Band Two Brothers.

Im the battle, Prime Kingz’s Trix went head-to-head with Band Two Brothers’ J ROC. Most viewers felt Trix had won the battle decidedly, but to their chagrin, BoA and the rest of the judges, Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and 2PM‘s Wooyoung, forfeitted their votes, sending the battle to another round where J ROC eventually won.

Audiences criticized the judges, with BoA receiving the brunt of the fans’ displeasure.

  • “I was so mad seeing BoA pander to Prime Kingz when she’s the one who eliminated them.”
  • “Does BoA need to be a judge? She should know herself that she isn’t qualified.”

In a rare response to criticism, BoA took to her Instagram, where she clapped back at her critics while expressing that the constant criticism has become “Tiring.”

| @boakwon/Instagram

It isn’t like the judges aren’t the ones who decide which teams battle for elimination… I’m getting tired of constantly thinking… ‘Would you guys have been less upset if I dropped Bank Two Brothers?’…

— BoA

BoA then uploaded another story of SM Entertainment’s statement warning legal action against those who maliciously attacked BoA.

| @boakwon/Instagram

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

Currently, there are malicious comments spread through the artist’s social media, online communities, and portal sites.

These acts are against the law and are subject to punishment. We would like to inform you that we are currently gathering evidence to pursue legal action in both civil and criminal courts.

To protect our artists, we are constantly monitoring for evidence and are currently pursuing legal action. We will continue to pursue legal action against those who engage in criminal behavior.

Thank you.

— SM Entertainment

It seems the idol’s response has done nothing but make fans more vocal about their disappointment towards her. In a post on Korea’s largest online community that has been viewed a whopping 351K times, fans expressed their malcontent with the idol and her response.

  • “BoA is being criticized for more than just Trix’s battle. I don’t know why she feels all high and mighty and condescending. For example, the way she doesn’t use honorifics to address people and tells dancers she felt they were going to hit her, there are so many reasons why she isn’t qualified to be a judge. Her response tells us she doesn’t even know what the problem is.”
  • “If you are tired, then you can leave.”
  • “Ms. BoA, please leave. No one wants to see you play the victim.”
  • “She’s almost forty but is so short-sighted.”
  • “Do you think that’s the only issue? You have no respect for dancers, you don’t judge fairly, and you don’t study. You are being criticized for being a mess.”
  • “We are also getting tired, so please don’t come out on these shows again.”

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Source: Nate