Netizens React To BTS Jin’s Impending Enlistment

“I’ll be waiting for your return… I love you.”

On October 17, it was announced that BTS‘s Jin had withdrawn his request to delay his military service, prompting speculation that he would indeed be enlisting.

Jin | Economic Times

The group’s label, Big Hit Music, released a statement stating that each member would follow Jin’s enlistment but did not outline a specific timeline.

The news is a shocking conclusion to the months of speculation on whether the group will be enlisting.


The group’s enlistment has become national news, with news pundits and politicians weighing in on the issue. The current administration has been careful about committing to a particular stance, choosing instead to offer up the decision for a military exemption to the public.

Defene minister Lee Jong Sup offered to decide BTS’s excemption through a poll | JoongAng Ilbo

According to a poll taken in September by research company JOWON C&I, 54.1% of the Korean public who participated in the poll voted that BTS should carry out their military duties.

Since the news broke, fans gathered in online communities where they reacted to the news. Most of the fans wrote of their affection for Jin and stated they would be waiting for his return.

  • “Please don’t get hurt and return safely. We will be waiting for you.”
  • “Return safely, Jin! Trust that we will continue to be here, and just return safely.”
  • “Thank you to all the non-Armys who are writing kind words. Although BTS have Armys, seeing they also have people who root for them makes me so proud of the boys. It’s heartwarming.”
  • “I was worried that his weight loss was due to the stress, but now  I hope he doesn’t get sick and just returns safely.”
  • “Seokjin, let’s just return safely. Just come back safely.”
  • “Don’t be hurt, and just return safely. I’ll be waiting.”
  • “Return safely! I’ll be waiting. I love you!
Source: Theqoo
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