BTS’s V Serves Major Boyfriend Vibes In His Instagram Story, And Korean Netizens Are Swooning

We’re with the netizens on this one!

BTS‘s V had Korean netizens swooning over his good looks with his recent Instagram story!

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On May 3, V posted many videos of himself on his Instagram story. In the videos, he was rocking adorably fluffy hair and a Louis Vuitton hoodie.

| @thv/Instagram

Needless to say, V set ARMY’s hearts on fire with the boyfriend looks he was serving in his Instagram videos!

| @thv/Instagram

V’s Instagram story also caught the attention of Korean netizens, and they discussed his mindblowing boyfriend visuals on Nate Pann.

  • F**k Where can you find a boyfriend that looks like that? He looks so freaking handsome seriously Ah.
  • Look at his face my heart is beating so fast.

  • He doesn’t need hair, make-up, stylists..he looks so good with just messy hair and a gray hoodie.
  • The vibe of his picture is familiar but the way he looks is not. So f**king handsome.
  • I almost died today..I’m so sad that this Instastory disappeared.

We definitely agree with these netizens, and we’re looking forward to more boyfriend material posts from V in the future!

Source: Nate Pann