Netizens React Coldly To Kim Sae Ron’s Lawyer’s Claims That The Actress Is Facing Financial Hardship

Kim Sae Ron is alleged to have lied about working for a coffee company.

Actress Kim Sae Ron‘s lawyer confirmed that the actress is currently working a part-time job due to facing financial hardship.

Kim Sae Ron | @ron_sae/Instagram

On March 14, Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer spoke in an interview over the phone with the media outlet Star News. In the interview, the lawyer confirmed that the actress was currently working a part-time job.

It is true Kim Sae Ron is working a part-time job due to financial hardship.

— Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer

In the interview, the lawyer revealed he had previously stated the actress was facing financial hardship due to skepticism online.

Due to the pictures on social media, it seemed as if (Kim Sae Ron) had lied about working. Because she is no longer with her former agency, I felt I could help by releasing the statement.

— Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer

The lawyer also revealed that the home Kim Sae Ron was filmed living in on a variety show never belonged to her but that it was owned by the actress’s former agency.

The apartment is owned by (Kim Sae Ron’s) former agency. It isn’t Kim Sae Ron’s personal asset. I can’t reveal any other information.

— Kim Sae Ron’s lawyer

Netizens scoffed at the lawyer’s interview and asked why he didn’t address the pictures that were allegedly used in a lie.

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  • “Does she not have good adults around her? It feels like she’s constantly self-sabotaging herself.”
  • “I’m sure she’s been making easy money until now. What financial hardship?”
  • “Working a normal part-time job in your mid-20s doesn’t mean you’re facing financial hardship.”
  • “She’s facing financial hardship because she’s trying to maintain the lifestyle she led when she was a celebrity.”
  • “So what do you want us to do about it?”
  • “Does she really think the public is stupid? LOL.”
  • “So what happened with the Mega Coffee (pictures)? Why aren’t you addressing that?”
  • “So what? If you don’t have money, then you should have a part-time job. Why is she making such a big deal about (having a part-time job)? Are you cosplaying as a normal person?”

Recently Kim Sae Ron uploaded photos of her working at a cafe to her social media account.

Controversy struck, however, when the coffee company that Kim Sae Ron was pictured working for stated that the actress had never worked for them.

We can confirm that Kim Sae Ron has never worked as an official part-timer employee at any store in the country.

The store owner of the location in question has a part-time employee who is friends with Kim Sae Ron. However, the owner stated that Kim Sae Ron herself never worked as an employee there.

The part-time worker, who is Kim Sae Ron’s friend, quit working at the location in September 2022. We do not know the exact circumstances as to how she was able to take these pictures, so we are trying to figure out the specifics.

After the photo was reported, headquarters also received calls inquiring about the situation, and the store owner also learned about the issue that arose.

The photos of a dark kitchen were not taken in our store. Our stores do not have separate baking spaces.

— Mega Coffee representative

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Source: theqoo