Netizens React To Drug Allegations Surrounding Yoo Ah In

“Why do people with so much to lose act this way?”

Netizens reacted to allegations accusing Yoo Ah In of illegally misusing the drug, Propofol.

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On February 8, reports stating that Yoo Ah was being investigated for misusing Propofol shook the Korean entertainment industry. The drug is used when starting and maintaining general anesthesia and medical sedation.

According to the report, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency summoned and investigated actor Yoo Ah In on February 6 for violating the Narcotic Control Act. The report also stated that Yoo Ah In was not allowed to leave the country.

Actor Yoo Ah In Is Being Investigated For The Illegal Use Of Propofol

A statement from the actor’s agency, United Artists Agency, confirmed that Yoo Ah In was being investigated and is participating in all investigations.

This is UAA.
Yoo Ah In was recently investigated by the police regarding Propofol.
He is actively participating in all of the investigations related to this case, and we plan to intently explain the issues that may arise.
We apologize for causing an inconvenience.


Netizens reacted in shock and bewilderment to the news, as Yoo Ah In is one of Korea’s most esteemed and successful actors, while others expressed disappointment.

  • “I mean, why did he do that? I just don’t understand. He seemed really stable these days.”
  • “Why do people with so much to lose act this way? I’ve always been curious.”
  • “If it was insomnia, he would have been prescribed sleeping pills. What reason do you need to do drugs?”
  • “It’s bad for their health, so why do they do it? It’s disappointing…”
  • “I’m very disappointed. He was one of my favorite actors to watch. Why did you do it?”
  • “Ths is too much. What are you going to do about the people who liked you?”
  • “Aw man, why did you do it? I liked you.”

Yoo Ah In debuted in 2003 when he appeared in a TV commercial. The actor soon gained a strong following after  his breakout role in the movie Punch. The actor has since starred in hit movies such as The Throne, Veteran, and Burning.


Source: theqoo