Netizens React As A Fight Reportedly Breaks Out At “KCON 2022” In LA

A fan who was there spills on what really happened.

This year’s KCON has already proven to be extremely eventful, as fans reported on a fight breaking out while they were waiting to gain entry to the event.

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As one of the major K-Pop events of the year, KCON is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022. This year’s line-up is definitely a truly legendary one, boasting legendary acts such as ATEEZ, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, NCT DREAM and ITZY.


While the line-up (which included many other exciting artists) was already certifiably stellar, some fans have pointed out that the organization of the event could have been much better handled.

It seems that, due to a lack of clear organization, many fans were left extremely frustrated. Videos from the queue in the morning showed many people were crowded around the booths trying to get information about the wristbands required for entry. At one point, a verbal fight broke out, and things seem to quickly escalate after that— to the point where the sound of a taser was heard.

Fans online were left in shock at how far things seemed to have gone. While most of the footage was filmed from outside the sphere of people involved, it does appear that there was some physical violence.

After hearing the tasing sound, the crowd naturally began to panic a little. Netizens heavily criticized the use of a taser, wondering how things could have escalated to that point.

And yet others on Reddit claimed that this was not actually that surprising.

But as it turns out, while there was some physical violence in the form of hair-pulling and such, no one was actually tasered. A fan who was there described the situation, explaining that the lack of organization had had fans really frustrated from the beginning, especially after event staff declared that the line they had been waiting all night in would no longer be respected. Reportedly, this led to crowds rushing without direction, which even resulted in some people getting trampled.

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Yet, despite the fact that some people got seriously hurt, the taser was reportedly only used to quiet down the crowd by being held aloft.

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While it’s very lucky that the taser was not actively used to harm anyone, most netizens still remain (understandably incredulous) at the incident.

Hopefully, no one was hurt too badly. Fans will hopefully be able to rely on much better organization for future KCON events so that an incident like this does not happen again.

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