Netizens react harshly to Jessica’s promise to return to the stage

Netizens have left bitter responses to Jessica‘s promise to return to the stage in her most recent interview with Women Sense magazine, which was released on March 3. 

In the interview, Jessica touched on her passion and responsibility for her fashion line BLANC & ECLARE, mentioning how happy she is that she can share her fashion style with others.

Jessica was also asked if she missed being on stage, to which she responded that she misses her fans and has plans to make numerous stage appearances soon.

The former idol was recently spotted focusing on her singing in a recording studio in New York City in addition to her preparations for the release of the new S/S 2015 collection for BLANC & ELCARE, creating suspicions that she’s preparing for a solo debut in Japan in the near future.

However, rather than being excited about Jessica’s return to the stage, many netizens left negative comments, bitterly mentioning her departure from Girls’ Generation.

1. [+ 83, -15] Please stop saying SNSD Jessica..

2. [+ 57, -3] I held my peace because I was your fan once but your words keep proving false as time passes. Did you really think the other members would sacrifice themselves when you had all these solo activities and business in mind???? Are you your boyfriend’s underling?

3. [+ 19, -2] You mean Chinese stages ㅋㅋ You just need a stage to advertise your business. No wonder the members and company couldn’t put up with it. The article about you having consulted law firms in China before you said you were betrayed are slowly becoming more credible.

Source: Star News