Netizens Remain Critical Of Super Junior’s Heechul Even After His Apology For Recent Drunk Antics On A Live Stream

He was caught in controversy for things he said drunk.

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recently got was criticized for speaking in an overly candid way on a live stream. He had been drinking with a close friend and BJ, Choi Goon, as they talked on a live stream. Heechul was criticized for careless comments that not only affected his own fans but also other idols and fandoms. He issued an apology after the matter hit the fan.

Regardless of whether or not my thoughts are right or wrong, I apologize for having spoken roughly and using crude expressions, as well as for acting hypocritically.

I apologize the most to the fans who have been hurt because of the issue I have caused. With this as the last one, I will make sure not to get involved in any other issue in the future.

But no matter how I try to look back on it, I don’t think I was wrong in cursing that specific site as well as school violence.

Thank you.

— Kim Heechul

His apology resulted in even more ire against the star. Many felt that his apology was not a proper apology, with Heechul even admitting that he did not find himself in the wrong.

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  • “Seems like he really doesn’t think about fans.”
  • “I don’t want to see him on TV.”
  • “You call that an apology…?”
  • “Seeing how his entire post is full of crap, I guess he hasn’t gotten it together. He’s probably going to continue to talk shit.”

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  • “Even though he’s like this, they’re still going to hire him for shows, right? I hope the broadcasting channels get a grip.”
  • “It’s a skill in itself to create a scandal while saying he’s sorry for creating one.”
  • “LOL, is this really an apology?”
  • “LOL, he’s always the same. Cheering him on as I hope he continues to live like that without changing!”
  • “The site [Yeoshi] said they aren’t concerned with him.”
  • “He really lives pathetically…”

Heechul previously apologized after being called out for a variety of reasons. Read more about the full story behind the criticism below.

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Source: theqoo

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