Korean Netizens React To Football Star’s Sex Tape Controversy

“Why did she upload a video of another woman?”

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Netizens reacted to Hwang Ui Jo‘s sex tape controversy and allegations claiming he had gaslighted several women, including celebrities.

Hwang Ui Jo

On June 25, a netizen claiming they were an ex-girlfriend of national team footballer Hwang Ui Jo made explosive allegations about the footballer. The alleged ex-girlfriend claimed that Hwang Ui Jo had gaslighted her and that he was dating several women at the same time.

I am a woman who dated Hwang Ui Jo. He has gaslighted several women by acting as if they were dating to sleep with them before ending the relationship saying he had to go overseas. There are so many victims like me, including celebrities. Turns out he had been dating someone during this time. He is currently dating celebrities, influencers, and non-celebrities, all at the same time. I am not sure how many more victims there are.

— Alleged ex-girlfriend

The alleged ex-girlfriend then posted an NSFW video of the footballer with a woman. Controversy struck once more, however, when it was claimed that the poster was not the woman in the video.

Netizens reacted in shock to the scandal. While some criticized Hwang Ui Jo after reading the allegations, others condemned the ex-girlfriend for posting the private video of the footballer.

  • “Why are there so many people defending Hwang Ui Jo? Even if the video was shot consensually, isn’t it weird that he had the video in the first place?”
  • “This isn’t the first time he was in the middle of controversy, right? He was exposed before to have cheated on his girlfriend.”
  • “What did the woman in the video do to deserve this?”
  • “Why did she upload the video? What did the woman in the video do to deserve this?”
  • “He cheated on his girlfriend before too, LOL. He has always been dirty.”
  • “If the video was shot with consent, then the person who leaked it is in deep $hit. LOL, they are going to prison, LOL. If the video wasn’t shot consensually, then both of them are f@cked.”
  • “I guess Hwang Ui Jo lost his good form because he started focusing on something else besides football…”
  • “I really don’t understand the ex-girlfriend. She should have just said her piece, why did she upload a video of another woman? I honestly think she’s crazy. This was a mistake.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Ui Jo’s agency has since denied the allegations and vowed to take legal action. Read more about it in the link below.

Scandal Erupts After Famed Korean Footballer’s Alleged Sex Tape Is Leaked By Ex-Girlfriend — Claims Footballer Gaslighted Women, Including Celebrities

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