Netizens React To K-Pop’s Latest Chanel Ambassador

“Match made in heaven!”

Fans reacted to NewJeansMinji being named Chanel‘s latest ambassador.

Minji | SBS

On February 14, NewJeans’ label ADOR revealed that Minji would start promoting as Chanel’s latest ambassador. The idol is the first ambassador of the brand to promote three categories, as she will be the ambassador for the brand’s fashion, watch, and jewelry outfits.

To commemorate, Minji recently participated in her first solo photoshoot for Elle Korea magazine. The photoshoot’s concept is reported to be “Minji’s very own colorful wonderland” and shows the idol adorned in Chanel.

In an Instagram post, Elle Korea revealed the latest photoshoot with the idol. Eagle-eyed fans also noticed how in the caption, the idol is introduced as an ambassador for Chanel.

Netizens erupted at the news, with many sending the idol congratulatory messages. A vast majority of the netizens commenting stated how well Minji fits Chanel.

  • “Wow, she is such a good fit for Chanel. I like all of Chanel’s ambassadors.”
  • “Minji has a classic vibe, so she matches well with Chanel, LOL.”
  • “That’s crazy.”
  • “She’s so cute.”
  • “She looks so good in tweed. She looks like the youngest daughter of a rich family.”
  • “Minji, (Chanel) fits you so well.”
  • “Match made in heaven!”
  • “That’s crazy! I always thought Minji fit Chanel well.”

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Source: theqoo