Netizens React To Lee Seung Gi’s Heartfelt Letter To Fans

Previously, Lee Seung Gi asked fans for their understanding.

Netizens reacted to Lee Seung Gi‘s emotional letter.

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On April 12, Lee Seung Gi, after months of allegations and speculations surrounding his marriage to actress Lee Da In, finally addressed and corrected the misinformation that ran rampant in a letter to fans.

In Lee Seung Gi’s letter, the actor/singer addressed the negative sentiment surrounding Lee Da In’s family. Previously, Lee Da In’s mother and stepfather faced criminal allegations that were later revealed to have been false.

I have always believed that the public is right. If the public doesn’t like something, there is usually a reason. But, at some times, it does feel unfair. For example, when the public does not know the truth.

Embezzling ₩26.0 billion KRW (about $19.7 million USD) through stock manipulation, resulting in 300,000 victims?”…

…On February 15, 2023, TenAsia stated on the entertainment topic page of its website, there was no mention of “Lee Seung Gi’s victim…” Under the title of “Newlyweds only emphasized responsibility for the family,” they had stated that Lee Seung Gi’s parents-in-law were financial criminals, Kyeon Mi Ri and Lee Hong Heon, who produced more than 300,000 victims.

However, as a result of confirming the facts, Lee Hong Heon was not guilty of any crime concerning the 2016 stock manipulation case. On the other hand, the court has already acknowledged that due to the inspector’s biasedness, he became a victim of being a scapegoat. Secondly, Kyeon Mi Ri also has no connection to the 2016 stock manipulation case and there is no content anywhere in the judgment of the case that she is an accomplice in the 2016 stock price manipulation case or is involved in the crime. There is no proof that the 2016 stock manipulation case produced around 300,000 victims and that there were some who took extreme measures. On the other hand, a minority of the stockholders in BotaBio filed a lawsuit for damage compensation against some of the staff including Lee Hong Heon, for stock manipulation. In the lawsuit, the court ruled that there is no truth behind the relation of Lee Hong Heon to the stock manipulation of BotaBio and it was ruled that all the requests for compensation against Lee Hong Heon from the stockholders were dismissed.

— Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi also called out his former label, HOOK Entertainment, for allegedly gaslighting him by using the public’s negative perception of his relationship with Lee Da In against him.

One day, a director from HOOK called me. They said, “Media outlet Reporter A is looking into Lee Da In’s father. If things are published in the media, things will get out of hand.” They tried to scare me like this. Not long after, they told me, “We solved it. We really tried hard to block the article,” as they tried to show it off.

But the world is so small. I got to know that reporter through some people. Reporter A told me, “HOOK Entertainment found a media reporter that had been going around leaving comments. They got in touch with me and they asked me if I could take a hit at Lee Da In’s father.

That was how HOOK tamed me. It can be called “HOOK-lighting” (HOOK’s gaslighting). Then, they suddenly asked me for a present. They called me to the 3rd floor of the building, where they enjoyed having gamjatang. That was how they asked me to pay for things a few times on the basis of a present.

— Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi then made a poignant plea to his fans. In the letter, the star apologized to fans but sought their understanding.

To the fans who have treasured me. Firstly, I am sorry. I heard that you guys were very hurt due to the flood of articles due to the issues of my wife’s family bursting out. One fan also said that that was why she wanted to stop my marriage.

Once more, I’m sorry. Even my close acquaintances also advised me to break up, telling me to think about my image. It was very frustrating. My wife did not choose her parents… And so how could I ask to break up due to her parents’ issues?…

…I won’t ask you to congratulate my marriage. But please look over it. I will share my life with Lee Da In. I think that that is the best I can do.

— Lee Seung Gi

Netizens were divided after reading the star’s letter. While many maintained their original stance of disapproval…

  • “They say that you can’t choose your parents, but Lee Seung Gi, didn’t you choose your partner in marriage? You make it seem like you were forced to marry…”
  • “Goodbye.”
  • “Those who were born to parents who were victims of financial crimes also didn’t choose their parents…”
  • “Did he write this to scold the public who have loved him for these years? My takeaway (from the letter) is how foolish he is.”
  • “Just live happily together. I think it’s greedy to ask the public to understand…”
  • “Seriously, his image used to be so good.”
  • “How can he be so short-sighted?”
  • “He’s sabotaging his own career.”

Still, many fans and those who have watched Lee Seung Gi throughout the years expressed their support.

  • “HOOK Entertainment’s gaslighting is crazy. Regardless of the truth, I trust the image you have shown us until now and will support you. Please continue to give us good music and promote well.”
  • “I wonder how much he suffered before writing this, ㅠ.”
  • “There are more people who ignore the malicious articles. Gain strength, and let’s just be happy, Seung Gi!”
  • “Just focus on the ones you love and the ones who love you. Just leave the people who won’t bless a peaceful and happy life.”
  • “Seung Gi, all you have to do is live well. I think fans are even more (unaccepting) because they have watched you from your teens until now and love you… Just live well like your parents. That’s all you need to do.”
  • “Many people are supporting and blessing you both. Time is short, no matter how much you guys express love for one another, so please don’t get hurt by what they say, and just focus on one another. I’ll be rooting you on.”
  • “Gain strength~~. I trust your decision~ there are more fans who support you and will always be rooting for you~ hwaiting.”

You can read Lee Seung Gi’s full letter in the link below.

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