Netizens React To All The Members Of TWICE Renewing Their Contract With JYP Entertainment

“Seven-year jinx, what’s that?”

In K-Pop, there is such a thing as a seven-year curse.

The seven-year curse alludes to how most idols sign a seven-year contract with their label.

More often than not, once the seven years are up, the idol group members go their separate ways.

There have been many examples of groups being unable to overcome the seven-year curse.

2NE1 shocked the K-Pop industry when its members decided to go their separate ways. Although recently the members reunited for a legendary Coachella performance, there has yet to be official word on if the group will be coming back together.

SISTAR is another group that, despite enjoying immense popularity, didn’t last past the seventh year of their contract.

With this said, many fans were nervous about JYP Entertainment‘s supergroup, TWICE.

TWICE has won over the hearts of K-Pop fans both domestically and abroad in ways few groups have before.

Therefore, it was no surprise that fans were growing anxious as the group’s contract was to expire this August.

The group, however, proved that even father-time couldn’t stop them, as they announced all members would be renewing their contracts with JYP Entertainment.

That means fans will be able to cheer on the group for years to come!

Netizens gathered in Korea’s largest online community to celebrate.

Many netizens wrote how TWICE’s decision to renew with JYP Entertainment wasn’t a surprise.

  • “LOL, who said they weren’t going to renew lol. In your face!”
  • “They made it obvious they were renewing, so I’m not surprised, but I thought they would announce it when they were making a comeback rather than now. Let’s stay together for a long, long time!”
  • “Recently seeing how Sana went to see Nayeon’s solo video shoot, despite having to quarantine in the states due to COVID-19, I thought they were beyond an idol group and would renew.”

Netizens celebrated the group’s decision, as it’s impossible to imagine K-Pop without TWICE!

  • “This is the right choice, lol. Although they haven’t been promoting as much domestically, their popularity is still very high, and Nayeon’s solo did very well. Their fanbases, both domestic and abroad are very strong, so whether it be in Korea, Japan, or wherever, I just hope they promote happily!”
  • “They are family…”
  • “‘The members have complete faith in one another.’ This part! ㅠㅠ Wow, I love them <3.”
  • ” 7-year jinx, what’s that?”

TWICE first debuted in 2015 and have since become one of K-Pop’s most beloved group in its history. Recently, the group’s leader Nayeon made her solo debut, the first for any member in the group, with “Pop” and received critical and commercial success. Check out the music video for the song in the link below!


Source: Nate Pann