Netizens react negatively to 2PM’s upcoming June comeback

On May 9, netizens flooded the Internet with many negative comments regarding 2PM‘s confirmed comeback in June in relation to their comeback competition, BIGBANG.

Although some fans reacted positively to the news, netizens have reacted mostly negatively about 2PM’s comeback, which will take place the same month as BIGBANG’s next comeback.

The majority of netizens seem to support BIGBANG over 2PM in their upcoming head-to-head comeback battle, commenting on 2PM’s loss in popularity over the years and how they’re no longer at the level to be considered competition against BIGBANG.

Despite 2PM’s past popularity, netizens appear to believe that the group’s popularity is on a decline, while BIGBANG’s is increasing, thus leading to the belief that BIGBANG will win the June comeback battle between the two groups.

YG Entertainment announced BIGBANG’s comeback in March after weeks of teasers on their website while JYP Entertainment announced their flagship male group’s comeback just three days ago.

Check out some of their comments below:

1. [+6,027, -502] ㅋㅋㅋ It’s not that I hate 2PM but this is 100% Big Bang’s win

2. [+4,920, -409] It is Big Bang, after all…

3. [+4,355, -220] 2PM used to be so popular…

4. [+4,111, -881] I personally think Big Bang is more artist-like than idol. Their songs are different from everyone else, they have a clear color of their own.

5. [+3,562, -519] Ah, 2PM is really stretching this…

6. [+634, -71] Please leave Big Bang alone and stop pitting them against everyone releasing stuff in June.

7. [+587, -67] Big Bang has always released self-composed tracks;;

8. [+531, -34] Any idol coming out at this time is pitted as competition tsk tsk, Big Bang is not some obstacle everyone has to beat, just leave everyone alone

9. [+477, -51] JYP isn’t like other agencies, they’re not afraid to go up against strong competition

10. [+472, -91] Big Bang is still at the top but 2PM has come down from the top a lot

11. [+434, -136] But honestly, 2PM can’t even beat EXO nowadays ㅋㅋㅋ I don’t think any current idol group can beat Big Bang…

12. [+352, -82] 2PM is not at a level to be competing with Big Bang anymore

Source: Star News