Netizens react negatively to f(x)’s Sulli visiting Amber at SBS Inkigayo

According to many witnesses and entertainment personnel, Sulli visited the set of SBS Inkigayo on February 15th to cheer on fellow f(x) member Amber’s solo debut.

Sulli, who is currently resting and has a very limited amount of official activities, was reported to have visited Amber backstage. Many fans saw her arrive at the set of Inkigayo wearing a cap with the bill of the hat pressed down. She did not come with any of other members of f(x), as they could not attend Amber’s debut stage due to their busy schedules overseas.

Despite Sulli’s effort to cheer on her fellow group member, netizens did not seem to approve of Sulli’s actions and did not believe she visited Amber with genuine kindness.

The netizens, who believed Sulli was merely using the event to change her image rather than to truly cheer on Amber, responded with negative comments online, such as, “Didn’t she ditch her members? Why is she acting all friendly now?“, “Maybe she’s trying to change her image?“, and “Sulli is such a nuisance ㅋㅋㅋ Did she forget what she was like during promotions for ‘Red Light’? Now she takes care of Amber?

Sulli has not made many public appearances following controversy involving her personal dating life, but has attended events such as the press conference for Fashion King and the SMTOWN COEX Atrium opening ceremony.

Source: Star News