Netizens Are Skeptical About Park Min Young’s Claims That She Broke Up With Kang Jong Hyun

“They are just saying they broke up, LOL.”

Fans reacted to Park Min Young‘s label Hook Entertainment‘s shocking response to the actor’s dating allegations.

Park Min Young | @rachel_mypark/Instagram

On September 29, netizens were caught off-guard by Park Min Young’s label when they claimed that the actress had already broken up with controversial businessman Kang Jong Hyun.

Park Min Young has already broken up with the alleged person. It is false that she had received a large amount of money from the alleged person.

— Hook Entertainment

The news comes at the heels of media outlet Dispatch‘s bombshell article that first levied the dating allegations. At the time, when first asked to comment, Hook Entertainment was evasive, stating they were having trouble verifying the news due to the actress filming for her K-Drama Love In Contract.

Kang Jong Hyun (left), Park Min Young (right)

Hook Entertainment’s assertion that the actress has already broken up also follows another report by SBS in which it revealed that Park Min Young’s sister was on the board of directors for INBIOGEN, a company that was bought by Kang Jong Hyun’s sister’s company, which Dispatch alleges is a front and that Kang Jong Hyun is actually the company’s defacto CEO.

Park Min Young’s sister on the company’s board of directors. | SBS

Regarding this, Hook Entertainment responded by saying that the actor’s sister has already given the company notice of her desire to step down from the position.

Park Min Young’s older sister has given her notice to step down as a director for INBIOGEN. Park Min Young is prioritizing finishing filming for her drama Love In Contract above all else and will do her best to do so.

— Hook Entertainment

Netizens responded to Hook Entertainment’s response. In a post that had been viewed by over 200k people on Korea’s largest online community, netizens were skeptical about the label’s latest assertions.

  • “It seems the reason they took so long to respond was that Park Min Young was breaking up with her boyfriend, LOL. It’s so funny that their response is that they are currently broken up, and her sister gave her resignation notice. They must have broken up today, LOL.”
  • “They are just saying they broke up, LOL. From her label to her sister, they are all involved with him. They are just hoping this goes away, LOL.”
  • “They could be just acting as if they broke up. Especially how her drama just started, and it could cause trouble for a lot of people.”
  • “Seems they did so for the drama.”
  • “So, the couple has already met each other’s parents, and Park Min Young commutes from his home, and they expect us to believe they broke up in a day? Who will believe that? LOL. If they really did break up, then they are admitting that it was a sponsorship, not a relationship. LOL.”
  • “They said her older sister didn’t even quit yet, and that she had sent a notice to resign, LOL. It must’ve been nice to be a director. I wonder if she knew what was going on.”
  • “Pretty sure they used Park Min Young’s sister’s name as a director and gave her salary to Park Min Young. Directors can earn from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.”
  • “They are pretending.”

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Source: Nate Pann