Netizens react to reports of Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister’s debut

Kim Soo Hyun’s half-sister makes a debut and netizens comment on the recent reports in news portals

Currently trending on top search lists among various Korean news portals are reports of actor Kim Soo Hyun’s sister’s recent debut. According to various sources, Kim Soo Hyun’s sister, Kim Joo Na, made her debut with an original soundtrack for the Korean drama High Society. The reports also added that the news of their relationship was released later, after the OST was released.

High Society associates told TV Report that Kim Soo Hyun did not mention her sister to the public due to “complicated family situations” but they are brother and sister. The siblings are reported to be close since they spent their childhood together.

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Na has been a trainee for 3-4 years and made her debut with the OST “How Do I Live Without You.”

In response to these reports, many netizens are furious at Korean media for mentioning actor Kim Soo Hyun’s supposed “complicated family situation.” Also, they are criticizing Kim Joo Na for allegedly using her brother in order to attain fame. Many are also concerned for Kim Soo Hyun whether this media play was approved by him or not. Read the translated comments from various sources in Korean portals.


[ +296 / -7] If mentioning this was because they were cautious, why are you releasing this ;; I bet she really wanted to reveal that she was Kim Soo Hyun’s brother. I see now that they are only half sister and half brother…. And I heard Kim Soo Hyun have always said that he is an only child?? Why reveal these complicated family situations; I really feel bad for celebrities every time something like this happens

[ +243 / -5] I know that she is Kim Soo Hyun’s half sister but really, these reports are disgusting… Kim Soo Hyun told everyone since debut that he was an only child. He also spoke while receiving an award that he only had a dog who is his only sibling. But now you guys report that “he didn’t intent on hiding. He didn’t mention due to complicated family situations. They grew up together.” etc. His sister’s reports… are… disgusting. If she really thought of Kim Soo Hyun as family, doesn’t she have to wait until Kim Soo Hyun says it himself?

[ +207 / -4] I guess this is one of the traits it takes to be a celebrity, being bold.. Technically, I wouldn’t be able to reveal that I’m related to him because I would feel bad haha If she is a singer, she will get popular if her song is good.. Does she sell more by revealing she is related to Kim Soo Hyun ha

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[ +783 / -21] Reporter, you’re going to reveal his “complicated family situations??”

[ +595 / -15] What do you the reports that they’re related came out late? Her song came out yesterday. So are you saying they didn’t report that news for what, 1 day? I guess they wanted to make this an issue so they revealed this themselves haha


[ +2579 / -55] Why are you guys revealing their “complicated family situations…” Kim Soo Hyun must have had a difficult life, but I guess he grew really good out of it.

[ +1971 / -49] What’s the reason for suddenly revealing their family situation..? If he din’t mention it, there was a reason behind it. Why reveal this right after debut. She is using him.

[ +1839 / -29] They are selling Kim Soo Hyun. I could see he didn’t want to reveal this. Tsk.S

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