“Extremely Unacceptable!” Netizens React To RIIZE’s “Traumatic” Experience After Being Mobbed At The Airport

It was a stark contrast to their departure from Japan!

Netizens have raised anger after SM Entertainment‘s newest boy group RIIZE‘s “Traumatic” experience at the airport after an overseas schedule.

The members of RIIZE | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

Although the group has just debuted, the members have already stolen the hearts of fans with their talent, stage presence, and visuals.

Considering their rising popularity, it’s not surprising that as many fans want to see them as possible. However, the group’s recent arrival back to Korea from an overseas schedule has shown why the topic of airport etiquette and safety has become such a huge issue.

On October 15, the members returned from a schedule. In a video going viral, as soon as the members walked into the main part of the airport, fans immediately started pushing forward.

| theqoo 

In particular, as more members came forward, the crowds seemed to swamp the members, and Anton was seen being pushed by fans and engulfed by a large number of people trying to get through the door.

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As Anton was being pushed, along with the security guards, it’s not surprising that the young idol seemed startled and uncomfortable by what was happening.

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If that wasn’t enough, as the video continued, fans saw Shotaro being pushed in a similar way. Yet, rather than concern or worry, one of the veteran idols in the group seemed angry at the situation that took place.

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When the videos were shared, not only were Korean netizens appalled by the treatment the young idols had, but international netizens called out SM Entertainment for not providing proper security for the members.

Others also showed the stark contrast of RIIZE’s experience as they were leaving Japan to go to Korea, with the crowds much smaller and more respectful to the personal space and safety of the members.

Although netizens keep demanding more strict rules when it comes to idols at the airport, it seems like companies are not making the changes. In particular, after many examples of rookie groups being mobbed, there should be significant protection for the idols or a rule that netizens can’t be at the airport when they arrive.

Source: theqoo