Netizens React To Just Jerk Crew Winning Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter”

Congratulations to the crew!

Mnet‘s popular but often controversial dance survival show Street Man Fighter has finally come to a close.

Street Man Fighter poster | Mnet

On November 8 finale, dance crew Just Jerk was crowned the victor, defeating crews Mbitious, We Dem Boyz, and Bank Two Brothers.

Members of Just Jerk Crew, We Dem Boyz, Mbitious, and Bank Two Brothers | Mnet

The show’s winner was decided on live TV, purely via audiences’ votes by text. In the end, Just Jerk was declared the winner by winning 90K votes, twice more than second place We Dem Boyz. Coming in third and fourth were Mbitious and Bank Two Brothers, respectively.

Just Jerk came into the competition as heavy favorites to win but faced stiff competition from the rising dance crew We Dem Boyz. In the end, however, Just Jerk was able to win the competition, proving their world-renown status as one of the world’s most recognizable dance crews.

Netizens congratulated the dance crew for their win, with many stating that the crew deserved it. Many fans could not hold back their awe for the dance crew, praising them for their incredible skills.

  • “They were really good. Congratulations!”
  • “They deserved it. Congratulations, Just Jerk.”
  • “This is how it should be, LOL. Congratulations.”
  • “Oh! I didn’t watch the show, but I saw that Just Jerk was the winner. Aren’t these guys the original? Good job, it’s great to see that the world’s best won the show.”
  • “Just Jerk seriously deserved it. Every performance from the Mega Crew challenge was legendary.”
  • “I got chills watching them, LOL. Congratulations.”

Just Jerk first gained international acclaim through their appearance on America’s Got Talent and have gone on to win many international dance competitions. Fans of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter also know the group as the crew to which the show’s phenom Lee Jung once belonged.

Source: Theqoo and Newsis