Netizens react strongly to Jessica’s statement about a duo with Krystal

Jessica Jung recently opened up the possibility of forming a duo with her sister Krystal at a press conference, however, her statement has been met with strong criticism from Korean netizens. 

When asked if she might be working with Krystal to be in a new duo girl group. She answered, “It might be possible in the future but I don’t know for now. I plan to take things slowly just like I did with designing. If the opportunity presents itself, there is no reason not to.”

While many fans have been buzzing about the new possibility, netizens have not taken the news lightly, accusing the former Girls’ Generation member of bringing down her sister’s success with this news.

In addition, others have worried that her statement may have opened up a whole new can of worms as the contract for Krystal’s group, f(x), comes to a close next year. Both sisters are still currently signed to SM Entertainment.

Koreaboo has translated some of the top rated comments below:

1. [+ 14858, – 700] Your sister is doing well, leave her alone

2. [+ 11160, – 814] She’s got some thick skin, just don’t make hurt for your sister

3. [+10042, – 748] Why are you doing this to Krystal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you want her to be a target of netizens too because of you?

4. [+ 875, -83] Wow f(x) contract ends next year so there have been rumors that Krystal will be joining Jessica and she confirmed that rumor …

Source: OSEN