Netizens react to Luhan’s response against SM Entertainment’s legal actions

On February 6th, Chinese representatives for former EXO-M member Luhan released a formal statement in response to SM Entertainment‘s latest legal actions.

It was recently revealed that SM Entertainment has taken legal action against former EXO-M members Kris and Luhan for their current activities in China, claiming that the two are involved in promotional activities in China illegally.

An exclusive interview with a legal representative from Luhan’s team was released on February 5th, in which they revealed they had not receive any kind of formal statement from SM Entertainment yet.

In response to the public allegations, Luhan’s Chinese agency, Luhan Workshop, has released a formal statement:

“We wanted to make sure the facts were presented and Luhan’s name protected so we decided to issue a statement.

SM Entertainment states that, ‘Luhan has been working in China without permission’ and presented a legal case against this, but according to the contract, they have no right to present a legal case in China and the Shanghai court has no jurisdiction over this matter.

After some research, we were able to discern that SM pressed charges against advertisers with regards to copyright infringement, which is different from the reasons they expressed to the public.

Their statement, which states that Luhan betrayed the trust of the company and the group without sufficient reason and left EXO in pursuit of personal gain is not fair. They are trying to mar Luhan’s name. We are going to press legal charges against any reports that are not solidly based on facts and lawfully protect Luhan’s name.”

In reaction to the latest legal events, netizens generally seem to share SM Entertainment’s stance on this issue.

1. [+571, -17] Kid, ‘malicious intent’ is something SM should be pinning you with not something that should come out of your mouth1

2. [+560, -20] SM don ‘t go easy on these guys ㅋㅋ if you do things will only get worse so please win the case
3. [+490, -17] Go SM Go

Source: TV Report