Netizens react to SHINee’s huge success in Japan

SHINee recently completed their Tokyo Dome concert in Japan, which mobilized thousands of fans who cheered on the popular K-pop group as they took the stage with their hit tracks.

Their Tokyo Dome concert was held for two days on March 14th and 15th as the group’s final and encore stage for their Japanese tour, and was the first time SHINee had ever performed a concert on their own at the prestigious arena since their Japanese debut in 2011. SHINee amazingly filled the venue both days, further proving their high status in popularity in Japan.

The preceding text is a direct translation by Koreaboo of TV Report Kim Yena’s article and OPed, reporting from Tokyo, Japan.

SM Entertainment’s strategy was absolute from the start. They didn’t pick the easy or the fast way. SHINee’s Japanese debut was a success due to their strategy of localizing their content. They proved that K-pop was still strong and put themselves in the position of leaders in the Japanese market.

SM’s Strategy
SM Entertainment debuted SHINee in Japan in 2011. Prior to their debut however, SM exposed the boys to the Japanese market through their Asian tours. SHINee visited Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, meeting 50,000 fans over five concerts.

SHINee held the advantage of being an “SM Idol,” but the company did not intend on letting SHINee simply ride on their seniors’ fame. SM grew SHINee’s independence through many medium sized concerts as well as exposing them to many types of different stages. Through these experiences, SHINee became artists in their own right.

The Success of SHINee
As a result, it took SHINee four years to reach the Tokyo Dome. They didn’t simply utilize their popularity in Korea but released their songs in Japanese with a few changes to make them more attractive to the locals. As a result, the SHINee in Japan was slightly different from the SHINee in Korea.

Probably due to this fact, SHINee was able to set themselves apart and over their four years draw an accumulated 770,000 fans to their concerts.

K-Pop is still strong
Japan used to be the land of opportunity for K-pop artists but with the overflow of new artists, Japan has turned into an industry where only a few select artist can maintain their popularity. Most had thought that it would be impossible for new artists to make a foot hold in Japan anymore.

However, SHINee has shown that with talent, it’s possible to become an even bigger presence than before.

Below are netizens reactions to the OPed.

1. [+ 915, – 49] Not only is SHINee talented but they’re so loyal to each other.

2. [+ 880, – 66] At this point…I feel like SHINee will last as long as Shinhwa.

3. [+ 752, – 39] They’re amazing people…

4. [+ 662, – 92] SHINee is a more complete group than EXO. People over look the growth of the members because of their early concept about noonas and such. But their growth and skills are top tier among boy groups. Taemin and Jonghyun’s solo activities were a little disappointing, but their skills are not to be doubted and Onew as a ballad artist along with Jonghyun and Kyuhyun of SM has more he can bring to the table. I don’t know what they will be coming back with but I’m already anticipating it. Their individual growth is great but them as a whole is even better.

Source: TV Report

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