Netizens’ Reactions To Son Heung Min’s Dating Rumors Prove Old Prejudices Still Remain

Korea has a long and complex relationship with its celebrities.

Amid rumors (that have since been denied) alleging Son Heung Min is dating Kim Go Eun, netizens’ reactions are making news.

Son Heung Min | Espn

Recently, Son Heung Min was swept up in dating rumors with actress Kim Go Eun. The allegations stemmed from an alleged private Instagram account that would later be revealed to be owned by a different actress, not Son Heung Min.

Footballer Son Heung Min Is Alleged To Be Dating Actress Kim Go Eun — BH Entertainment Responds

Needless to say, Kim Go Eun’s agency BH Entertainment quickly extinguished the rumors, stating that the two weren’t even acquainted and that the actress was merely a supporter.

They aren’t even acquainted. (Kim Go Eun) is a supporter (of Son Heung Min) as a citizen of this country.

— BH Entertainment

Although it is understandable that fans were upset, netizens showed a more visceral reaction to the rumors than usual. Many netizens expressed they were against the two stars dating simply because Kim Go Eun was a celebrity. For context, in Korea, Son Heung Min is considered an athlete and a national figure more so than a celebrity.

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  • “I don’t want Son Heung Min to date a celebrity.”
  • “I hope he doesn’t date a celebrity or girl group member.”
| Naver
  • “I wish Son Heung Min would marry a smart, graceful woman instead of a celebrity.”
  • “It’s not even true, so why is everyone degrading the actress.”
  • “Heung Min? Don’t choose a celebrity as your wife! They are very different from how they appear on the outside. Don’t date someone who spends a lot of money! Your parents will probably not accept her!”

These reactions hark back to decades-old stereotypes about celebrities, especially women celebrities in Korea. In a country where they have for hundreds of years placed emphasis on education and pedigree, for many years in Korea, celebrities were often seen as vain, non-educated, and unrefined. Stereotypes surrounding women celebrities were worst as they were seen as people who made easy money off of their looks and were thought of as being more promiscuous than the average person.

These stereotypes are why, even to this day, many elite families in Korea do not allow their children to marry celebrities. Due to this, it is very rare to see celebrities marrying into an elite family, whereas it is much more common for news announcers.

Former JTBC announcer Jo Suae (right) married Doosan heir Park Seo Won (left) | maeil kyungjae

One modern example of this is shown in the hit K-Drama, Reborn Rich. In the drama, Song Joong Ki’s father is shunned from his chaebol family because he chose to marry a celebrity. Due to this, throughout the drama, Song Joong Ki’s mother is shown having to face criticism from other family members who view her as lesser.

Jung Hye Young plays Song Joong Ki’s mother on Reborn Rich | JTBC

Although this prejudice has become less prevalent among the younger Korean generation, Son Heung Min’s latest dating rumors prove that it still very much exists today.

Source: Wikitree