Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To PLEDIS Entertainment’s “Fan Etiquette” Notice Regarding SEVENTEEN

CARATs step up to defend SEVENTEEN after a misinterpretation of the notice.

PLEDIS Entertainment recently released a “fan etiquette” notice regarding the privacy and safety of SEVENTEEN that received negative reactions from some Korean CARATs, which led to confusion from Korean netizens and international CARATs.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

HYBE Labels, a majority shareholder of PLEDIS Entertainment, is known to be proactive about their artists’ safety and reactive if incidents occur.

Recently, PLEDIS Entertainment issued a formal notice which consisted of rules and guidelines for fans and the public to follow when attempting to interact with SEVENTEEN to protect the group’s privacy and safety.

The notice followed a standard format that has been used with other artists under HYBE Labels subsidiaries. This notice was uploaded on behalf of LE SSERAFIM earlier this year, whose company Source Music is also a subsidiary of HYBE Labels. TXT, who is under BIGHIT MUSIC, also sent out an almost identical notice in 2020.

Although the notice appeared to be a standard format, there was a section in the notice sent by PLEDIS Entertainment for SEVENTEEN that was interpreted negatively by some Korean CARATs.

The part that was misinterpreted by some fans in Korea and caused mixed reactions was this section from the notice,

Do not visit private spaces other than venues officially announced as SEVENTEEN’s official activity, such as company offices, practice studios, living spaces or nearby areas, and any other locations that the artist has visited or are related to them.

— PLEDIS Entertainment

Some people mistook this to mean PLEDIS Entertainment was instructing fans never to visit places SEVENTEEN have been.

Some Korean CARATs, who had misinterpreted the notice, began to trend #세븐틴_출입금지 on Twitter, which translates to #SEVENTEEN_DoNotEnter. The hashtag was created to respond to the misinterpreted section of the notice, and users began tweeting their favorite places to alert SEVENTEEN not to visit the locations.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

The hashtag led to confusion among other Korean netizens and CARATs, as well as international fans, who didn’t understand why the notice was perceived negatively when it was intended for people who cross boundaries with SEVENTEEN, such as sasaengs.

In response, other Korean netizens and CARATs began tweeting their support for PLEDIS Entertainment’s notice and in defense of SEVENTEEN.

  • Okay, I wasn’t going to say anything. But I can’t seem to understand why this hashtag was even created. Am I the only one offended? Guys, let’s not do stuff like this. What would the members think of it?
  • Stop pretending this is “funny” at all… If the notice was truly talking about restaurants or cafes, then, in the first place, the members would’ve never revealed the names of the places they visited. They wouldn’t have asked the owners of those businesses to take good care of Carats who come visit after they post about the businesses. Why is SEVENTEEN even mentioned in this hashtag? At most, the notice was worded by the agency, and if there’s anything wrong with it, it’s PLEDIS’s fault. So stop mocking the members over the notice.
  • Is this some sort of a prank? You are all crazy. The agency posted that etiquette notice because SEVENTEEN members are struggling with sasaengs. And yet, you all decide to interpret the context however you want and pull a hashtag like this… The secondhand embarrassment is real. I hope none of you go around saying you’re a SEVENTEEN fan. Just stop stanning instead of spending the energy to come up with nonsense like this.

International CARATs responded directly to the notice posted on SEVENTEEN’s official Twitter, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Fans thanked PLEDIS Entertainment for stepping in to protect SEVENTEEN, and defended the actions they are taking.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi was recently the victim of sasaeng calls, which were captured during his recent live broadcast. Hoshi’s iconic and savage response went viral with fans,

I’m not going to pick up! I’m not going to pick up anyway. And why are you only calling me? Call the other members too… Don’t call me.

— Hoshi

Although Hoshi’s response was comical and kind, which is true to his personality; the sasaeng moment caught on camera only showed a portion of the privacy invasions the members face.

Check out the full “fan etiquette” statement from PLEDIS Entertainment below.

Source: theqoo


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