Netizens’ reactions split after Jackie Chan mistakes Wu Yifan (Kris) for someone else

Chinese talent show Hidden Energy (Wo Kan Ni You Xi) began filming its second round of competition on March 29th. With Wu Yifan (Kris) attending as a guest judge, the popular artist got to work with experienced veterans in the industry, including international superstar Jackie Chan.

As Wu Yifan is considered to be quite inexperienced in comparison to his seniors, he acted very conservatively during the filming, as he did not speak a lot and often bowed to show his good manners. In an attempt to make him more relaxed, Jackie Chan revealed, “I feel especially apologetic…I mistook him for another youngster earlier.

Famous film director Feng Xiaogang added, “The youngster you’re referring to is Li Yifeng,” referring to a rising singer and actor from Mainland China. To this, Jackie Chan responded, “Yes, I’m sorry, Hu Yifan,” mispronouncing Wu Yifan’s Mandarin name.

Upon being caught in making another mistake, Jackie Chan quickly apologized again, saying, “Ah, I can’t differentiate between ‘Wu’ and ‘Hu’ due to my accent!” Later, he also added, “Wu Yifan is still young, so there are a lot of possibilities for him. Acting skills will be improved upon more practicing. Wu Yifan will be an exceptional character if he keeps working hard.

Upon learning about this incident, netizens were divided in opinion. Some commented, “Thank you for the encouragement and compliments, Jackie Chan,” and “It’s understandable for him to mistake Wu Yifan for someone else since they’re from different generations.” However, others were not so positive, stating, “But this is not the first time for him to meet Wu Yifan…

The filmed episodes will be airing on April 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th.

Source: iFeng, Sina, and Weibo