Netizens report Lee Hyori for growing her own beans and selling as “organic”

After getting into trouble with the law for trying to sell her home grown beans, Lee Hyori apologizes to everyone through her blog.

On November 8th Lee Hyori posted pictures of the beans she grew herself on her blog and advertised to her readers that she was selling them. The beans that were photographed were labeled as “organic,” and a netizen who noticed this reported it to the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.

According to the laws in Korea, in order to sell any organic products you must have them certified by the management services. Failure to notify the management services could lead to consequences that can result up to 3 years of prison or up to a fine of $30,000.

Lee Hyori later took to her blog on November 27th, and made a post saying, “I’m so sorry for worrying everyone. Even if it was out of ignorance I am still at fault, and will take the punishment. I am thankful for those who criticized me and those who tried to shield me. I will be more careful with everything in the future.”

Source: Daily Newspaper