Netizens Hit Back At A Reporter For Mentioning Actor Kim Seon Ho’s Past Controversy During “The Childe” Press Conference

While it was expected, the actor seemingly looked uncomfortable.

Netizens have hit back at a reporter who seemingly made actor Kim Seon Ho feel uncomfortable when asking a question about his past controversy.

Kim Seon Ho | @seonho__kim/Instagram

Kim Seon Ho is set to make his movie debut for the project The Childe and has already shocked fans with his unreal transformation for the role into a mysterious nobleman.

On May 22, the cast of the film had a press conference where they spoke about the project.

During the press conference, towards the end of the event, reporters were welcome to ask questions. One reporter directly addressed the actor’s past controversy by asking the director if there was a reason Kim Seon Ho was chosen.

During the casting, there was some controversy about Kim Seonho, so he didn’t do other pieces. Is there a particular reason why you chose to convince Kim Seon Ho to play this role?

— Reporter

She then went on to ask whether the director had made the right choice.

Many netizens believed it was inappropriate to ask such a question, especially on a public stage with Kim Seon Ho there in person, especially as he looked quite uncomfortable. Luckily, netizens couldn’t stop praising the actor for remaining calm and the director for his honest answer.

It’d be a lie to say that I didn’t have any prior thoughts with the casting, but I had no objections.

— Director

Yet, despite acknowledging the press surrounding the actor and the controversy, he revealed that the choice to hire Kim Seon Ho was “great.”

The MC then emphasized the statement, ensuring to praise Kim Seon Ho in every way possible and cement he was the right choice for the role.

This part should have only been given to Kim Seon Ho, is what you think and you are content with the choice you made.

— MC

When the press conference had been subtitled, the clip was posted on TikTok and gained attention amongst international fans.


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Although netizens knew that the question would come up, many were angry at the bluntness of the reporter. While praising the director for his honest answer…

Many noticed that Kim Seon Ho looked uncomfortable at the question, especially as he was sitting right there.

Kim Seon Ho continues to shine and win the adoration of fans. Considering that the director was aware of the actor’s past, it shows just how impactful the actor is and that the people around him were ready to defend his role.

You can read more about Kim Seon Ho’s role in the new film below.

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Source: Tong Tong Culture