Netizens Are Raving About BIGBANG’s Taeyang And BTS Jimin’s “VIBE”

“Wow, both of their voices are crazy good.”

Netizens are raving about BIGBANG Taeyang‘s long-awaited new single “Vibe” which features BTS‘s very own Jimin.

Jimin (left) and Taeyang (right) | THEBLACKLABEL

On January 13, THEBLACKLABEL released one of K-Pop’s most anticipated collaborations — BIGBANG Taeyang’s “VIBE,” featuring BTS’s Jimin.

The song is a modern take on classic R&B tropes and highlights all of the talents both artists had to offer to listeners. The music video is also a visual treat and features drool-worthy choreography and dance breaks from both idols.

The single marks the BIGBANG member’s first solo release in five years and a new start for Taeyang, who recently left YG Entertainment, his long-time home, albeit for the entertainment company’s subsidiary label THEBLACKLABEL.

Taeyang To Leave YG Entertainment For THE BLACK LABEL

The single was heavily anticipated as Taeyang, who is beloved for his unique singing voice, would be collaborating with BTS’s Jimin, who also is widely regarded as having one of the most recognizable voices in all of K-Pop.

Almost immediately after the release, netizens couldn’t help but rave about the song and the music video. Fans of both BIGBANG and BTS came together and celebrated the two generational talents.

  • “Wow, both of their voices are crazy good.”
  • “(The song) is even better when watching the music video.”
  • “It might be because I had too high of an expectation for their performance, but I wish they showed more of it in the misc video. I think I read in an article that the two will come out on a music show. I really want to watch their performance in full.”
  • “I’m falling deeper in love (with the song) the more I listen to it. Why are their voices so good?”
  • “The song is good but sounds even better the more you listen to it.”
  • “Seriously, the song is crazy good. Their voices are so good.”
  • “I can’t wait for them to be on stage together.”

What are your thoughts? Check out the song’s music video in the link below!

Source: theqoo