Netizens criticize themselves for insulting SISTAR Soyou’s weight

Netizens initially criticized SISTAR‘s Soyou after a report surfaced saying that it looked like the singer had gained quite a bit of weight, but quickly realized their mistake and began to apologize or compliment her. 

Newsen posted an article on April 1st commenting on Soyou’s apparent weight gain along with an accompanying picture to prove their point. Netizens who saw the article readily agreeded with Newsen, leaving comments such as:

1. [+778, -20] Mm.. not only just ‘a bit’ it seems?

2. [+725, -17] Soyou seems like the Solbi type… drastic changes in weight all the time

3. [+586, -29] She looks like an intimidating unnie who would slug you if you looked at her the wrong way at a night club… shivers

4. [+42, -0] With the way Soyou eats, she’s the type to easily become a pig if she doesn’t work it off

5. [+39, -0] She’s the type to gain weight starting from her face and jaw first… I hate that because it makes you look fat even with a bit of weight gain ㅠ

Photo taken by Newsen
Photo taken by Newsen

However, after seeing another picture of Soyou taken by Osen, from the exact same event, their opinions changed as they quickly rushed to defend the idol’s looks:

1. [+358, -27] Ehh, she doesn’t look like she gained weight at all in this picture, she looks perfect

2. [+249, -55] Honestly looks like an ajumma who takes care of her body well

3. [+155, -66] Her face is not up to par

4. [+14, -12] Wow, she looks crazy good in this picture. I wrote a negative comment on that other picture about her swollen face, but I’m sorry about that now. She’s toned in all the right places.

5. [+12, -15] I usually don’t comment but Soyou gets so many unnecessary comments that I need to write one. People put her down all the time saying she looks like a hair salon unnie and stuff but have you ever worked out as hard as she does? ㅋㅋㅋ Anyone who does would know how hard it is to maintain a fit body and wouldn’t dare to put her efforts down like that. All of you losers would drool over a woman like her in real life ㅋㅋㅋ Soyou’s pretty, fighting!!

While the picture by Newsen showed Soyou with a very round face, making it look like she had gained weight, the picture by Osen showed just the opposite, instead highlighting her very slim, toned figure.

Other netizens have also expressed their thoughts, emphasizing the importance of camera angles in pictures and encouraging their peers to think twice before judging people on their pictures alone.

Photo taken by Osen
Photo taken by Osen

Source: Newsen and Osen