Netizens Are Shocked At What aespa’s Winter “Really” Looks Like

The idol was photographed on her way to the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Candid photos of aespa‘s Winter, showing what she “really looks like,” is going viral.

On May 22, the members of aespa were sighted at Incheon International Airport on their way to the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

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The members were reportedly invited to one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals by Chopard’s President, Caroline Scheufele. Aespa is currently ambassador for the luxury jewelry brand.

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Although all of the members looked incredible, candid photos of Winter walking through the airport quickly went viral. In a post titled “What Winter Really Looks Like,” a netizen posted the idol interacting with fans at the airport.

Netizens reacted to the photos, with many expressing how beautiful the idol looked.

  • “Why is Winter so handsome these days? I knew she was pretty, but maybe it is her hair, but she also gives off ‘boyish’ vibes.”
  • “Seriously, let’s not say anything bad about her face. Honestly… she’s pretty. ㅜ, LOL.”
  • “She gives off a cool beauty vibe…”
  • “If she’s this pretty in photos shot by reporters, then I bet she’s pretty AF in real life.”
  • “Seriously, she’s f@cking pretty.”
  • “If she’s this pretty in photos shot by reporters, then she’s really pretty.”
  • “She’s so handsome, it’s crazy.”
  • “Ah, Winter is so pretty these days. She’s seriously pretty AF. She’s so freaking pretty.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “She’s so pretty smiling for fans.”

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