Netizens Are Shocked To Discover Actor Im Si Wan Can Actually Speak English Unlike His “Run On” Character

He showcased his English skills on “Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam!”

Actor Im Si Wan (formerly ZE:A‘s Siwan and also romanized as Yim Si Wan) shocked netizens with his English skills.

Im Si Wan

One of the actor’s most famous roles is JTBC‘s K-Drama Run On, in which he portrays an innocent track and field athlete, Ki Seon Gyeom, who falls in love with Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung) after she is hired to be his translator.

Si Wan’s character in the show knows little to no English, while Shin Se Kyung is fluent, so they start working together. Otherwise, if he was fluent, he wouldn’t need her, and they wouldn’t have worked together and fallen in love, thus leaving no K-Drama…

So, it came as a shock to fans when they realized Si Wan can actually speak English in real life!

Recently, Im Si Wan guested on DIVE Studios‘ podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam. Being fluent in both English and Korean, Eric always gives his guests the opportunity to choose which language they are more comfortable interviewing in. The podcast is also available with subtitles on YouTube so international fans can watch it.

After Si Wan greeted everyone, Eric asked whether he wanted to do the interview in English or Korean. Surprisingly, the actor chose both.

Im Si Wan: I’m going to try to listen carefully when you speak English.

Eric Nam: Okay, well then, I’ll probably end up speaking in Korean, so…

Im Si Wan: Really?

Eric Nam: I don’t know. It doesn’t matter.

Im Si Wan: Okay. I’m going to let you know when I don’t understand.

Eric Nam: Yeah, but his English is really good.


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With the video clips from the interview circulating social media, netizens have been stunned by Si Wan’s English skills.


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He sounds practically fluent! Yet, he was displayed in Run On as unable to speak the language.

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It truly shows what a versatile and great actor he is!

Watch the full episode below.

Eric Nam

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