Fans Are Shocked After Learning That Former H.U.B Member Rui Has Been Working As A Waitress Since The Group’s Disbandment

“I am currently working at a Korean restaurant…”

Fans are shocked over the revelation that former H.U.B member Rui has been working as a waitress since the team’s disbandment.

Rui | @rui_1oo8/Instagram

Rui was recently featured in a YouTube video, where she revealed how she had been doing since leaving the K-Pop industry three years ago.

Rui first shot to fame through her 2017 appearance on MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championships. During the event, Rui was seen dominating the track events and would go on to win first place.


The idol’s newfound fame wouldn’t last long, however, as just one year after her 2018 debut with H.U.B, the team would announce their disbandment in 2019. According to Rui, she has been living in her home country, Japan, ever since.

H.U.B | New Planet Entertainment

In the video, Rui spoke about how she had been doing, revealing that she is currently working at a Korean restaurant in Japan.

I’m working in Tokyo and taking care of my parents and grandmother. I am currently working at a Korean restaurant. It’s a samgyetang restaurant, and I help serve it so that it’s easy for customers to eat it. In Japan, the minimum wage is around ₩10,000 KRW (about $7.30 USD), but I’m making around ₩13,000 KRW (about $9.49 USD) per hour. I also worked at a convenience store while working there.

— Rui

The former idol also touched on her idol days and talked about her popularity and receiving criticism for her sexy image.

At the time, I did receive hate comments. There were many who said that I looked cheap. I thought that my sexiness came from looking healthy and so I tried my best to gain attention for it. I was more afraid of them not caring.

— Rui

Despite everything she has been through, Rui stated if she was to go back in time, she would still live out her dreams of being an idol.

I’m okay now, but at the time (of disbandment), it was very hard. I was gaining a bit of popularity through fancams, the MAXIM magazine cover, and through my appearance on Idol Star Athletics Championships. It was important for me to continue growing my presence, but I couldn’t, and that is frustrating. Still, if I was to go back, I’d still be an idol. Even now, I miss it so much.

Netizens commented on the video, with many wishing the idol success. Others wrote how they were impressed to see her trying her hardest in life.

  • “I can tell she is a good person. I hope many people can send her positive energy. I’m rooting for you.”
  • “I can tell by her words and actions that she is sincere. I hope you make it big, Rui.”
  • “She’s really been trying her hardest. Her mind is so amazing. I hope she can find a good label and appear on shows again.”
  • “I remember her well and even searched her name before. I’m sure there were many temptations for her, but it’s amazing that she hasn’t given up on her dreams and is on the right path. I’m rooting for her great attitude, visuals, and unrelenting work ethic. I hope she finds a good agency. Hwaiting.
  • “She’s assimilated into Korean society perfectly, and her visuals are still that of an idol. I hope she meets a good agency and becomes successful.”
  • “Someone as dedicated and hardworking has her needs to succeed. I hope she’s able to continue promoting in Korea and bring fans good news!”
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