Netizens Shocked At Maeng Yuna’s Appearance Before Her Death

“She looked too thin…”

With the unfortunate passing of the 29-year-old singer-songwriter, Maeng Yuna, images of her recent appearance have been resurfacing and shocking netizens.


It was recently reported that the Maeng Yuna passed away last month due to a heart attack.

29-Year-Old Singer-Songwriter Maeng Yuna Passes Away Due To Heart Attack


After the news was announced, images of the singer 8 months prior to her death have been gaining more attention, especially because of how thin she looked.


Maeng Yuna guested on SBS’s radio program NCT Night Night in May 2018 looking much thinner than usual. After seeing the images, netizens expressed even more sympathy for the talented artist.

  • “She looked too thin, it’s too bad…may she rest peacefully.”
  • “Rest in peace.”
  • “Wow…at such a young age it’s so sad…”
  • “She must’ve been sick…This is so sad…I’m listening to ‘Paradise’ right now and my heart is hurting…I hope she rests in peace in a better place.”
Source: Osen
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