Netizens Are Shook At How Fast “Queen Of Tears” Kim Soo Hyun Can Switch To Actor Mode

He is smiling one second, and bawling his eyes out the next.

Recently, an online community post garnered much attention for Queen of Tears actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s superb acting skills! One scene in particular had netizens wondering how he filmed it!

The scene was of him looking serious as he gazed at the door as the female lead went in for surgery…

| theqoo

…and after he saw that the doors wouldn’t close, he quickly ran and closed the door and got right back into acting like nothing had happened…

| theqoo

…and instantly started pouring out his emotions and cried his eyes out!

| theqoo

Fans and netizens alike couldn’t believe their eyes at his automatic transition to actor mode!

| theqoo

If you watch the actual scene from the drama, it’s even more prominent how well he delivered the emotions.

Netizens praised his efforts into understanding and analyzing his character thoroughly.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “He is so good…I think he is able to get into character because he analyzed his part well.”
  • “His acting is so so so so good.”
  • “He did a great job of understanding his character…and honestly he is just really good.”
  • “Wow he was able to do that in that type of environment? So crazy.”
  • “Wow daebak!!”
  • “How does he analyze all this? He’s a genius that still puts in the effort!”
  • “How the hell did he do that?”
  • “How can I die leaving a man like that…”

This is just more proof that the was born to be an actor! Check out a scene that was actually improvised by him below!

Viral “Queen Of Tears” Scene Was Actually Improvised By Kim Soo Hyun

Source: theqoo
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