Netizens Slam Tottenham Hotspurs And Accuse Them Of Racism For Posting “Inappropriate” Photo Of Son Heung Min

The team has yet to address the controversy.

Netizens criticized the English Premier League football team, Tottenham Hotspurs, after its official Instagram account uploaded a black and white photo of Son Heung Min.

Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

On February 8, Tottenham Hotspurs uploaded a black and white photo of last year’s Golden Boot winner Son Heung Min. The photo shocked many as it was uploaded without any context other than an emoticon of a picture frame.

Now deleted picture of Son Heung Min | @spursofficial/Instagram

Fans immediately took exception to the post as black and white photos are usually attributed to tragedy or someone’s passing. Fans pointed to a recent black and white photo of the late football great Pele that the team uploaded in his honor.

Netizens on an online community also pointed out the fact that the account hadn’t uploaded a black-and-white photo of any other player recently.

Netizens expressed disappointment and anger at the team. Many wondered why the team would upload the photo without providing any context.

| @spursofficial/Instagram

  • “You can’t upload a black-and-white photo without context.”
  • “Why in the world did they post this?”
  • “Why did they upload a black and white photo? I almost got a heart attack.”
  • “Give us some feedback now.
  • “What in the world happened? Why did they post the picture in black and white?”

Some fans even accused the team of being racist for posting the picture, while others expressed frustration that the team didn’t address the controversy.

— @sonnyy07/Twitter

Tottenham Hotspurs has since taken down their post without addressing the controversy.

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