Netizens Speculate As To Who The New Two Figures Are For The Next Episode Of K-Drama “Penthouse”

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In the new preview for the last episode of SBS K-Drama Penthouse Season 2, they introduce two new characters, causing netizens to begin speculations on what will happen next.

One of the new characters revealed is speculated to be Yoo Jenny’s father Yoo Dong Pil, played by actor Heo Sung Tae. In the trailer, you can hear Jenny’s voice saying, “What is this are you really in Korea?” in which netizens believe is Jenny’s father returning home from prison.

Another familiar face that was seen in the preview was actor On Joo Wan. In the preview we can hear him say “Eventually we meet like this” and “It looks like you are going to propose”. Some netizens believe that the order of these statements was switched.

| Penthouse/SBS

According to YouTuber 차국장TV, it looks like Logan Lee, who is on a plane coming back home to Korea from the U.S., is sitting on a plane next to On Joo Wan. In the clip, On Joo Wan’s hand seems to be purposefully hidden by the chair in front of him. Netizens believe that this could be because of the fact that they showed Joo Dan Tae cutting his finger back in Season 1.

| Penthouse/SBS

차국장TV, also states, “Shim Sooryeon brings up Min Seola’s real father while Logan and Shim are slowly starting their romance. A mysterious man turns up in front of Logan Lee and his hand seems to be hidden on purpose.”

Netizens are anticipating this week’s last episode of season 2 to see how these new characters will affect the story line.

  • “Why is it that all the people Joo Dan Tae kills comes back to life?”
  • “If he really is Shim Sooryeon’s ex-husband, the story for the drama will be totally next-level.”
  • “On Joo Wan’s character is just a special appearance so I don’t think his role will be that big.”
  • “I remember seeing Shim’s ex-husband’s photo in season one and it looks like a different person.”

Source: insight