Netizens Suspect Seungri Deleted Instagram Pictures To Hide His Connection To The Police

They think Seungri might have evaded a drunk driving charge.

On the March 18th episode of Current Events Show: This Is Politics, it was reported that Seungri is under investigation for concealing evidence because he deleted certain Instagram pictures. This photo of Seungri in a police uniform was deleted.

In September 2014, Seungri was involved in a car accident and many suspected at the time that he may have been driving under the influence of alcohol. The police cleared him at the time, however. The above photo was posted in November 2014 with the caption “salute”.

Now that the photo has been deleted, netizens are speculating that Seungri may have evaded a charge because of his ties to the police. They believe that the uniform could even belong to Superintendent Yoon who has been implicated for covering up criminal activity in Jung Joon Young’s leaked chatrooms.

The aforementioned Superintendent made a statement denying these claims:

I didn’t know Seungri in 2014. I didn’t even know BIGBANG. I will hold responsible those who report on speculations without even cofirming with the involved parties, for defamation.

– Superintendent Yoon

Despite this firm denial, netizens are still suspicious of the circumstances.


Source: Naver


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