Netizens suspicious of police updates on the identity of idol at 5 car pile up

Police have revealed that the “idol girlfriend” that was involved in a massive five car pileup in Gangnam on March 21st is actually not an idol, but rather just a beautiful woman. 

On March 23rd, the police spoke to SBS Morning Wide, saying that previous reports on the accident were incorrect, and that “the person in question was not a member of a girl group.

They continued to shed more light on the situation, saying, “It appears that the passenger was very beautiful, so someone said that it was a girl group member and that’s where the reports came from. The person in question is not a member of a girl group, nor a celebrity. She’s just a regular person.

News had broken out on March 21st that a top female idol had been involved in a massive five car pileup in Gangnam where 10 people were injured. An Audi R8, driven by an intoxicated male in his 30s, had crashed into a taxi cab, resulting in a chain of crashes.

After Korean media news Channel A blurred out a photo of the alleged female idol in their news segment, many fans recognized and identified the woman in the picture as Jiwon of SPICA, leading to many suspicions that the female involved was Jiwon, even though the singer herself disputed these claims.

Despite the statement released by the police, netizens have reacted critically as many still believe that the woman in question was indeed a top female idol, but that her agency manipulated the media to protect her.

Check out some of their comments below:

1. [+ 233, – 10] I think it’s not Yang Jiwon, but some other idol and the company controlled the media.

2. [+ 198, – 24] Maybe the company paid them off to say exactly this?

3. [+200, – 90] It looks like Sojin will have to make a statement, since most of the comments talk about her, not Yang Jiwon

Source: My Daily