Netizens talk about the uncanny similarity between natural Korean girl’s faces

On a popular Korean community, a post appeared that went viral in just a day with over 260,000 views. The post discussed the fact that even natural Korean girls who do not seem plastic begin to resemble each other these days.“Why do all the pretty girls look alike? Is it makeup? Their style? They’re not too plastic but they look so similar. I see a lot of girls like this on the streets maybe that’s why everyone’s pretty these days. It kind of feels sad because there’s a shortage of unique looks in Korea now.”


[+ 540, – 46] But in reality these girls will all be crazy popular.

[+ 349, – 15] Sure they look alike standing together but they are going to stand out because of their beauty if they go anywhere alone.

[+ 247, – 8] It’s because doctors not god creates women these days. They’re a new species so of course they look alike.

Source: Pann